If you’re looking for a firm that will focus on your business’s needs, and always treat you like a client who matters, look no further. Tax Consulting and More (TCM) customizes our full range of professional services to your unique requirements, and continues to adapt as your company grows.

Accounting Software Selection & Implementation

Choosing the right software solution that will fully meet the needs of your business now and in the future is critical. We can analyze the nature of your business and financial transactions, current technology, and emerging goals to identify and implement a secure software solution that is flexible enough to expand with your business.


Accounting systems must keep pace with your growth to ensure the smooth operation of the financial side of your business. If you do not currently have accounting staff or are outgrowing your current bookkeeping system, our comprehensive services can fill the gap and help take your bookkeeping and write-up to the next level.

Financial Analysis

A strong financial analysis provides the numbers to support, reject, or contemplate a course of action, while opening up new growth or revenue opportunities. We can provide a prospective analysis to show how situations may evolve under various scenarios, providing a new decision-making method to support the continued prosperity of your business.

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Financial Statements

Financial statements are an important management and planning tool, while also representing your business to stakeholders, lenders, partners, potential buyers, and other interested parties. We will work closely with your key personnel to develop and finalize accurate and timely financial statements.

IRS Representation

An IRS audit can be an intimidating and complex process. If your business is facing an audit, you can count on our years of experience in dealing with tax matters and IRS audit procedures. We will ensure that you are properly represented when dealing with the IRS and other tax authorities. Brenda Solano is an Enrolled Agent and offers IRS Representation.

Payroll Services

Constantly changing federal, state, and local laws and tax regulations make payroll management an ongoing challenge for business owners. Our payroll service professionals stay up-to-date and can proactively alert you to material changes that will affect your business and staff. We will continue to keep your payroll running smoothly, no matter how many employees you add as the company grows.

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QuickBooks® Set-Up and Maintenance

We are experts in helping you set up and implement an efficient desktop or web-based QuickBooks system tailored to your company’s specific needs, size, and billings. Starting with the all-important data file, we will customize your QuickBooks structure and update it remotely to ensure that all financial information is tracked and recorded correctly, so you can rely on it to make sound financial decisions.

Sales Tax Services

State and local tax authorities are looking to maximize sales tax collections. We can help you understand and manage your sales tax obligations and prepare sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Effective tax preparation and planning can help you reduce your future tax liability. As your expert advisor, we will proactively manage both your personal and business tax issues. Whether you file as a sole proprietor, small business, or partnership, we will find and optimize all of your legal deductions, so you receive the full tax benefit. Our comprehensive review process and online preparation ensure that your return is completed accurately and on time.

TCM also understands how the latest federal, state, and local tax developments affect your business and is constantly identifying new ways to reduce liability. With us on your team, you are more likely to benefit from opportunities that may not be readily apparent, and set them up to minimize any impact on your future tax status.

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