I got a message that my bookkeeper was very ill and unable to continue working. This would be the second time in two years this had happened! Consequently, I decided to take on this task myself and ordered QuickBooks OnLine to do all my book work in-house! Apparently, it was much more difficult than I thought! After many, many hours and much hair pulling and anxiety attacks, I called Brenda to help. Brenda calmed my jagged nerves and came to my rescue immediately. She dove in and started repairing all the mistakes I had made without making me feel inadequate or stupid and began teaching me the proper use of my overwhelming new tool. She sat for hours correcting all my errors and showing me how to utilize this new system with grace and ease. Having a knowledgeable and diligent partner in such an important aspect of my business has been a wonderful addition to my team. Thank you, Brenda, for all your hard work now and in the future!

Stacy W, Seal Beach, CA

Brenda is great to work with – very pleasant and easy going. Best quality, of course, is her knowledge and competence level! I highly recommend her.

Sunny B, Hilo, HI

Brenda is the best bookkeeper I’ve ever had! She keeps me on task, our books as tight as if they were ready for audit. She is even keeping track of other cost/revenue items I could not even get my last bookkeeper to comprehend. I highly recommend Brenda! Her rates are super reasonable compared to others and her work is so much better! Do your business a favor – call Brenda!

Mary J, Long Beach, CA